How A Regime Founded On Scientism Shattered My Trust In Medicine

What we have been experiencing for nearly three years is not simply, nor above all, a pandemic emergency. Instead, it’s primarily the laboratory for deployment of new social, political, and economic arrangements of a capitalism ‘mutated’ into a wholly-dehumanizing variant.

A new totalitarian and repressive regime founded on scientism is invisibly functioning like a technocratic and nihilistic Leviathan that uses permanent emergency as an excuse to govern things and people in relation to a specific global event. Newly-announced and endlessly-prolonged states of emergency allow the power to do what it could not without the premises of the emergency. Then, we shouldn’t be shocked to observe how the power capitalizes on the emergency to access additional capacities that give unprecedented benefit only to their agendas. For this reason, the emergency cannot end because, if it ended, the method of governance based on the emergency would also end.

A matter needs to be interpreted with a philosophical-ethical lens, even before than a medical-scientific one. The medical-scientific lexicon and its physical and logistical organization put in place during COVID have been instrumentalized as a superstructure that hides and, at the same time, sanctifies the detrimental effects of a one-size-fits-all medicine tested on large masses of people without the possibility to express the minimal concern on an individualized cost-benefit basis. Not only does this approach leave no room for dilemmas between collective security and individual freedom, but it clearly unbalances the equation in favor of the former, or rather in favor of mass dominance, with hypnosis and coercion that leads to condition people’s mind to accept any new other restrictions.

To guarantee the “safety” of all, rights and freedoms are quietly remolded by an élite of unelected and, in this way, the majority will look to what’s guaranteed to them as a primary necessity of living and not so much to what they are losing in terms of social and spiritual goods. This is the paradigm we are in, without many realizing it yet.

Anecdote on TRUST

As I was cleaning up my document archives a few days ago, a letter popped up…

After almost a year that seemed like an eternity, I cannot believe how I could even remotely write such an intense but necessary complaint as a personal attachment to the adverse event report sent back to the pharmaceutical company inquiring additional information on my “case.”

I was really, really painful. Not only physically, but emotionally drained for the state of distrust I was experimenting. Yet, this was just only one of the few messages I sent to the recipients deserving to hear one word or two by all those other people in my similar situation that were clueless on how to communicate appropriately what exactly they were going through for “trusting the science” and a medicine no longer grounded on the Hippocratic Oath.

I am amazed at how actual these words still resonate today. If I hadn’t written them, I wouldn’t have recognized myself today.

These are the words a human being can express when what’s going on around her is not only unhealthy and harmful but invisibly embodies all the features of a typical totalitarian regime that deeply humiliates the most sacred dignity.

After the direct experience with the COVID-19 vaccination, I can envision how the system that managed the vaccination process undervalued and failed core aspects for those on the receiving end of the vaccine.

As the one on the receiving end of the vaccine, finding information online on known adverse events encountered by other people (i.e., COVID arm) was a great motivator to remain calm and focused on the next steps. What frustrated me immensely, on the opposite, was the “selective secrecy” on “less disclosed”—or, better, “selectively omitted”—adverse events like the one experienced after the second dose. The overall situation left me powerless, confused, and, ultimately, gaslighted by a system that seems molded in such a way that no one can come across approachable enough to “hear” the vaccinated.

Primary care or family physicians were depowered, isolated, and alienated by a system that ill-designed, uncustomized, and dehumanized the entire process for the individual recipient of the vaccine. These crucial professionals were not enabled to get involved in the process before vaccination, neither motivated to be preventively connected with their patients to provide them with guidance, advice, and, most importantly, reassurance on the best option and path.

Furthermore, family doctors excluded from the vaccination workflow of the patient are in the dark as much as their patients experiencing adverse events after vaccination. They cannot see any incentives to investigate and validate the concerns of the patient.

Once a person confirms an appointment with the assigned vaccination hub, they have to settle with whatever is “available” at the moment, on an “en-masse,” “one-size-fits-all,” and “just-in-time” basis. As if that were not enough, the stress of taking the vaccines under challenging environmental conditions like the extreme heat of summer was an aggravating burden supposed to be accepted unconditionally—because the situation recalled to “emergency.”

Let’s rant about how a person is left after receiving the second dose of the vaccine. It’s unlikely one would come back to the hub where they initially got the vaccine and talk about any adverse event since everybody in any of those hubs couldn’t care less about the vaccinated once the vaccinated get home.

The way pharmacovigilance agencies are collecting reports from vaccinated people is another open wound deserving attention. Each person providing their experience on adverse events is coldly treated as “another case” to help the agency aggregate data and (hopefully) find enough evidence of correlation between the suspected vaccine batch and a specific adverse event. As if that weren’t enough frustrating, the vaccinated going through adverse events reporting their negative experiences are not even asked how they felt emotionally in a final question, since any of those complaints signed by breathing and thinking humans is treated as a mere red tape process with an assigned code.

People who resort to social media to share their real-life experiences without filters as vaccinated subjects even risk, ironically, being shamed and bullied systemically by trolls who mansplain medical knowledge to the injured in dysfunctional aggression, thus doubling down on a sort of organized system of emotional and existential invalidation.

The entire way the vaccination system has been planned, approved, and consolidated is frankly horrendous and humiliating. No humanistic aspect was contemplated in the big picture of the process; everything is projected and mirrored on the patient as an aseptic mission they are asked to blindly fulfill and retroactively accept in all its underlying accountability.

Considered the above-mentioned personal remarks, I feel left in a state of rumination, where I got totally disappointed by a system I trusted and by which I believed I could contribute to changing positively (together with other amazing people) the outcomes of a pandemic caused by a virus whose nature and origin are still unclear to human discernment.

I no longer feel emotionally safe, so I am extremely cautious and defensive against receiving not only any minimal dose of the COVID-19 vaccine again, but any other advice as a person approached by health professionals and government officials alike. This trajectory of hostility eroded any TRUST in the alleged “good intentions” of the process, product, and people.

This deontological approach is superficial, violating and abusing the dignity of a person who receives a vaccine in bulk speed. Governments around the world cried havoc their people’s safety and health through the incessant airing of a dishonest mass communication campaign where it was narrated that the COVID-19 vaccine rarely gives adverse events, or, if it does, it is to be interpreted as a positive indicator of a “reactive and functioning” immune system.

This whole situation on the mass vaccination system clearly seems urgent to be rectified as soon as possible. And, for this reason, I believe that you, as suppliers of the product that so many people are receiving around the world, have at least the moral obligation to invite the other “defective” parts of an apathetic system to turn the situation back to human decency.

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